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Our program is built upon our proprietary movement model called Functional Neuromotor Activation Technique.   FNAT is built upon the principles of exercise physiology and the science of neuroplasticity identified within brain development.  

The Costello Neuro Performance Model isolates the specific movements sequences shown to strengthen the neural circuits (neural pathways) connected to areas within the brain that are responsible for coordinating movement, regulating mood/emotion, along with executive function or what is known as cognitive performance.


We provide the step-by-step system to help people activate neuropathways, fine tune brain performance, and fortify neuro-metabolism, so they can live their best life.

We provide our proprietary movement-based modality called Functional Neuromotor Activation Technique.  FNAT is a neuromotor protocol which strengthens connectivity to areas within the brain responsible responsible for coordinating movement, sensory reactivity, emotional and behavioral regulation along with accessing and optimizing one’s cognitive capacity.

Through specific movement sequences, we are able to access the brains ability to remodel and develop new neural connections (plasticity).  As Brain-Body connectivity improves, the ability to receive, process, and respond to environmental stimuli becomes less reactive and more regulated.  The improvement in outcome performance can be identified in areas such as:

  • Balance, Coordination, Body Awareness, Physical Control, Articulation

  • Focus, Concentration, Multi-Step Learning, Reading, Writing, Comprehension

  • Coping skills, impulse control, transitioning, behaviors, self-confidence, social interaction


Our focus is upon promoting nerve system performance, not merely the management of those symptoms that may arise as the byproduct of poor neural connectivity.