Functional Neuromotor Activation Technique™

We developed and solely provide Functional Neuromotor Activation Technique™.  FNAT™ is a movement program based upon the neurobiological process of brain development.  The proven step-by-step protocol activates and reorganizes neuropathways so that you can organically destroy your symptoms.

I know it sounds crazy because we’re so used to hearing about having a laundry list of interventions or therapies to manage every individual symptom, and while it is important to seek that symptom based help, you can take a synergistic and system based approach to get relief from a myriad of symptoms simultaneously… and at the same time allow greater access for other interventions to be even more effective and get amazing results.

So, what’s the revolutionary big secret?   Movement is the foundation of your nervous system health & brain function.

The big idea here is all of us experienced specific movement sequences in order to organize and develop our brain and nervous system.

This is important because these specific movements not only need to be experienced for proper development… but can also be revisited at any age to mature, reorganize, and restore optimal communication between our brain and body… once again, at any age!

Programs We Offer


In-Depth Assessment

The Costello Neuro-Motor Blueprint enables us to establish a program that meets your needs. The assessment covers 7 dynamic areas of brain function that we share and discuss with you.

Program Length

Initial Program Length 24 sessions with 2 sessions per week. Extension programs determined by the results of your re-assessments. Generally, programs are completed in approximately 3 to 6 months time, with some individuals needing more time to achieve their goals.


In-Center sessions consist of one hour, two times a week. Each hour consists of the FNAT protocol, covering the complete process of neurobiological development every visit. 


Performance reports are provided at intake, week 5, and week 10 following assessments.  The results are emailed to you and reviewed at progress meetings.  A follow-up assessment takes place approximately three months after completing the program.

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