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Our model is built upon the principles of exercise physiology and the science of neuroplasticity identified within brain development.  We have isolated the specific movements sequences shown to strengthen the neural circuits (neuropathways) connected to areas within the brain that are responsible for coordinating movement, regulating mood/emotion, along with executive function or what is known as cognitive performance.

Programs We Offer


In-Depth Assessment

The Costello Neuro-Motor Blueprint enables us to identify the Neurologic Soft Signs that may be impeding the results you desire and deserve.  

Program Length

Initial Program Length 24 sessions with 2 sessions per week. Extension programs determined by the results of your re-assessments. Generally, programs are completed in approximately 3 to 6 months time, with some individuals needing more time to achieve their goals.


In-Center sessions consist of one hour, two times a week. Each hour consists of the FNAT protocol, covering the complete process of neurobiological development every visit. 


Performance reports are provided at intake, week 5, and week 10 following assessments.  The results are emailed to you and reviewed at progress meetings.