Neuro-fit Systems is proud to say that the vast majority of its clients have experienced great success, and this is a large reason doctors from around the globe continue to refer clients to us. We believe our testimonials by medical professionals and clients speak for themselves.  FNAT has also been featured in the PBS documentary Autistic-Like: Graham’s Story…







“Noah Part 1”

“Noah Part 2”




We have noticed so many improvements in our son since FNAT!
Most noticeable, his expressive and receptive language skills along with typical curiosity questions, it’s like he has a new understanding of the world. His other therapists have said he is a different boy”

Lisa D.

“… a big thanks to the Neuro-fit team! We are back home after our program and our son’s schoolwork has improved to such a level he no longer requires an aid in class.

Jenny K.

“Noah had poor hand/eye coordination, trouble holding a pencil, poor running technique, was very anxious, would not walk on sand/grass or go in the ocean and would not go on an escalator. He hated noise, was very cautious and over thought everything he did. After completing the Neuro-fit Program, Noah's teacher commented that his handwriting went from the worst in the class to the best! He is overall more confident and enjoys playing with his friends without overthinking everything. He will go on escalators/walk on grass/swim in the ocean. He is free from all his anxieties and the OCD is completely gone”

Kristy P.